• How is impact assessed?

    IIX Values™ considers your organization’s mission, financial viability, and positive social and environmental impact to assess your contribution toward the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, IIX Values™ evaluates impact across two dimensions: (1) it emphasizes poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability, and (2) it encourages risk mitigation to reduce the likelihood of customers and/or other beneficiaries falling back into poverty (and undertaking undesirable environmental practices) due to shocks and stresses.

    Minimally, your organization needs to respond to a set of questions relating to your organization’s business model and impact goals for impact and risk to be assessed. You may also elect for a premium subscription to unlock customer surveys. This additional impact verification by customers provides a more accurate and meaningful assessment.

  • What is included in the Impact Report?

    The Basic Impact Report is based on the information reported by you and consist of three main sections:

    1. Summary of key facts including basic organization information, intention, activities, and outcomes
    2. Country and sector overview
    3. Impact and risk scoring

    The Premium Impact Report is based on information provided by you, as verified by the customers, and consists of five sections:

    1. Summary of key facts including basic organization information, intention, activities, and outcomes
    2. Country and sector overview
    3. Impact and risk scoring
    4. Key findings from customer surveys
    5. Customer testimonials, including stories of change and recommendations
  • Will the Impact Report be made public?

    For transparency and accountability, all Impact Reports will be published on this website, unless you indicate otherwise. Additionally, all verified (Premium) Impact Reports will be made available to customers who participated in the verification process.

  • How long will the results take to be published?

    The unverified (Basic) Impact Report will be sent to you once the information has been processed. This will typically take a week.

    It will take 4-6 weeks for the verified (Premium) Impact Report to be published.

  • How is the scoring calculated?

    Organizations are scored on a scale of 0-10. An Impact Score of 0 suggests a traditional business that does not create any social and/or environment change while an Impact Score of 10 denotes an all-rounded ‘impact enterprise’ creating maximal social and environmental impact. Similarly, a Risk Score of 0 suggests a traditional business that does not contribute towards risk reduction while a Risk Score of 10 denotes maximum risk mitigation i.e. the organization is reducing exposure to harm and increasing coping capacity in most, if not all, aspects.

    The organization’s Impact Score is weighted across three dimensions - Intention (20%), Practices (30%), and Outputs and Outcomes (50%). The Risk Score is weighted across two dimensions – Exposure to Harm (50%) and Coping Capacity (50%).

    Points are received for every positive answer to a question and points can never be lost. Every point reflects incremental positive impact.

  • What is the difference between the basic and premium service?

    The basic service bases the impact report on the data provided by your organization only.
    Under the premium service, the perceived social and environmental change is further validated, verified, and re-calculated through customer surveys. An updated impact report with a revised (verified) impact score and customer testimonies is produced--enhancing the credibility of your organization’s social and environmental impact.

  • How does the premium service work?

    You can choose to subscribe to the premium service after receiving your organization’s basic impact report. Once the necessary fees are paid, you will be requested to provide a list of customers and their corresponding contact details. From this point, no further effort is required from you--just sit back, relax, and wait for your updated report.

    In the meantime, IIX will reach out the list of customers to send them a tailored survey. The information collected from these surveys will contribute towards the updated (verified) impact report.

  • Why should I subscribe for the premium service?

    By subscribing to the premium service, you unlock a set of customer surveys tailored to your organization. This helps to verify the information provided by your organization--enhancing the credibility of your impact score.

    With the premium service, you will also gain access to testimonials from the customers --affirmations and stories of change that come straight from the mouth of the customers themselves! These testimonies are a powerful source of information which your organization can use for strategic planning and/or marketing purposes.

  • How many customer contacts do I need to upload for the Premium service?

    You will need to upload the contact details of a minimum of 100 customers.

  • I would like to value my impact but I have received an error message stating that the questions for my chosen sector is currently unavailable.
    What does this mean?

    IIX Values™ is constantly building our questions bank. At the present, the questions for your chosen sector is still being developed. You may continue with the general impact questions to receive a general Impact Report. We will notify you once the sector-specific questions are available.